Futures Education

For the newer traders out there the term “orderflow” is thrown about a lot. It has become this term that somehow magically is supposed to give you insight into the market. That sadly isn’t how it works, BUT there is some fantastic news, there are a few tools out there that will cut your learning curve way down.


First is a quality education and a solid environment of good traders. For that we have partnered with The Pit Futures Trading just known as “The Pit”. They have top notch education on orderflow and all things Sierra Chart. The group of traders is the best I have ever seen, and they are welcoming to all trading styles and proficiencies. If you are looking for a true 1 stop shop for trading then the Pit is your place.


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There are a few books that will also help hammer home your trading. They are all listed below in order of recommendation from someone with 10+ years of market experience.

The first is book is really a set of books. The Author is the venerable Mark Douglas, who has helped a lot of traders I know really clear their heads and get their trading right. It is mostly about management, but in this game that is most important. Trading In the Zone and The Disciplined Trader are two of the most important books you could ever read on your trading journey.

Next is Thinking in Bets. Its a fantastic read on thinking like a professional gambler. And while your goal is not to gamble in the market, it is important to know how to think like one. This will also help up your trade and emotional management. And as you will find out, emotional capital is almost more important the physical capital.