Understanding Short Covering Definition Meaning And How It Works

About Us

Viking Trading Group (VTG) is a proprietary research and education company directed at Stock, Options, and Futures traders. Most of our research and education is freely given away, but some of our indicators are proprietary and available for a monthly fee. We focus on unique (also known as boutique) research around the use of order flow, volume, machine learning, and macro factors and their effect on stocks and futures.

With over a decade of screen time between Stocks, Options, and Futures, I have seen a lot of strategies come and go. The Systems we operate off of are all tried and true and have withstood the test of the last decade of trial and error.

Please feel free to poke around, we offer a lot of material for free (I am long-winded and like to write) as well as have strategies and tools for the more serious trader. 

Why Choose Us


Depending on the request, turn around is as short at 24 hours


All work is between us and the client


Industry Leading value to keep our clients as happy as possible


We are here for our clients long after the techincal work is done

Client Testimonials

Thank you Trading Viking ! I heard through word of mouth about Trading Viking & his amazing coding skills Contacted him out of the blue with a Sierra Chart request & he was more than willing to help me My request was knocked out of the park , when I had additional requests he went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied Not only is he passionate about his work, but also helping others If you need something custom made for Sierra Chart, I cannot recommend his services enough Also a pleasure to deal with, the custom indicator really helps me gauge where value is visually
Trading Viking was a pleasure to work with. I threw a lot at him all at once and what came back was pretty spot on. There were a few more days of back and forth as he perfected what I had asked for. When I threw him a curveball to replicate it from Sierra to NT8 he had no issue helping with that as well. Could not be happier and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for some custom work.
Liam R