Understanding the Difference: Call Vs Put in Option Trading

Call Vs Put

Option trading offers various strategies for investors, with call and put options being fundamental concepts that can greatly impact trading decisions. By understanding the difference between call and put options, investors can make informed choices in the stock options market. Key Takeaways: Call options give the buyer the right to buy a stock at a … Read more

Trading the RSI

Benefits of Trading the RSI Using the RSI is a tool that can be very beneficial for a trader who is looking to make a profit. There are several different factors that can determine when a stock is overbought or oversold. These factors include divergence, bearish or bullish trends, and oversold or overbought levels. Divergence … Read more

An Introduction to Futures Trading – The Basics

Futures trading is the buying or selling of a contract for a delivery of a commodity at some future date. The buyer or seller of the contract is obligated to make or take delivery, respectively, of the commodity on the specified date. Although most futures contracts are standardized, they can be customized to fit the … Read more